Building Strong Partnerships

We founded New State Capital to be more nimble, more decisive and more cooperative than bigger, institutional private investment firms. In short, we aim to be good partners.

We also think of ourselves as entrepreneurs, not just asset managers. In this context, we pride ourselves on our long-term outlook. We approach each potential investment as an opportunity to create a long lasting and valuable relationship. This is why our prior counterparties serve as our strongest advocates. Moreover, our firm started as an independent sponsor and as such we seek to support and provide services to independent sponsors.

Our success will be directly linked to the success of our portfolio companies individually. By contrast with other firms who have large, diverse portfolios, and who de-emphasize the importance of any given investment, our entrepreneurial approach maximizes the chances for shared success. This must-succeed attitude creates an alignment of interests with our management partners.

We have made a deliberate choice to employ an experienced team. Because our senior principals also execute our investments, we must be highly selective. This also allows us to be very decisive and flexible. We evaluate each company’s business and financial needs and create the structure that best fits the situation.

Critically, we are focused on growth.  For example, we have executed fifteen add-on acquisitions – on average, nearly one for each platform company. We also try to balance our focus on growth with the realistic expectations of inevitable challenges. 1.

Investment Criteria

  • Middle-market companies
  • $8-35mm of EBITDA
  • Up to $100mm of equity
  • Add-ons for existing portfolio companies


  • Business Services
  • Industrials
  • Consumer

Highly Experienced Team

  • Principals manage all investment opportunities
  • Operating team made up of industry experts

Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Nimble, creative and decisive
  • Passionate about what we do
  • Committed to success
  • Long-term perspective

What Our Partners Have to Say

“We have an excellent relationship with New State Capital Partners. Since we partnered in December 2014, our company has completed 5 add-on acquisitions, grown our footprint substantially, broadened the product offering, and established the company as the undisputed leader in the US market. We have expanded the bench of senior leadership, and set the company up for long term success. NSCP has worked with us collaboratively to plan and successfully execute our strategy.”

Jorgen Madsen

CEO and Chairman, United Medical Systems
Seller representative and rollover investment partner

“New State Capital Partners has been honest and transparent since the beginning; we have worked together with them to achieve our goals. They established a collaborative decision making process which allows us to run the company seamlessly, with no disruptions, helping us grow our company from 45 to 145 employees.”


Larry Estes

Founder, Central Conveyor

Seller and rollover investment partner

“Business is a team sport. At NWN we recognize the importance of having the best team members and the best team dynamics in order to win in the market. New State brings critical talent and works hard to be both a part of the team and a great partner.”


Mont Phelps

Founder, NWN
Seller and rollover investment partner


“New State has been an excellent partner. Through the acquisition, they were careful to keep us informed and to negotiate with care and respect. NSCP is the only private equity firm we have encountered that actually demonstrates mindfulness in all areas of the acquisition experience. They are evolving private equity in all the right ways.”

Stephen Odom

CEO, New Vista Behavioral Health
CEO, Simple Recovery
Seller and rollover investment partner


“At Gautier, New State established an active board, whose directors include experienced industry veterans who interact directly with Management as advisors and counselors. They have maintained a commitment to growth by fostering continued investments in new equipment and technologies and by encouraging market expansion into new alloys and product forms”


Charles Entrekin

Director, Gautier

One-page Summary of the Firm


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