Building Strong Partnerships

We founded New State Capital to be more nimble, more decisive and more cooperative than bigger, institutional private investment firms. In short, we aim to be good partners.

We also think of ourselves as entrepreneurs, not just asset managers. In this context, we pride ourselves on our long-term outlook. We approach each potential investment as an opportunity to create a long lasting and valuable relationship. This is why our prior counterparties serve as our strongest advocates. Moreover, our firm started as an independent sponsor and as such we seek to support and provide services to independent sponsors.

Our success will be directly linked to the success of our portfolio companies individually. By contrast with other firms who have large, diverse portfolios, and who de-emphasize the importance of any given investment, our entrepreneurial approach maximizes the chances for shared success. This must-succeed attitude creates an alignment of interests with our management partners.

We have made a deliberate choice to employ an experienced team. Because our senior principals also execute our investments, we must be highly selective. This also allows us to be very decisive and flexible. We evaluate each company’s business and financial needs and create the structure that best fits the situation.

Critically, we are focused on growth. For example, we have executed fifteen add-on acquisitions – on average, nearly one for each platform company. We also try to balance our focus on growth with the realistic expectations of inevitable challenges.