ESOP Strategy

Making investments in ESOP companies

Since 2017, New State has converted two portfolio companies, Gautier Steel and Klein Hersh, to ESOPs. These companies were both well-suited to benefit from the alignment created through employee ownership as well as the tax benefits which drive improved free cash flow and value creation.

Each of these transactions provided New State the opportunity to work with the nation’s leading ESOP advisory groups related to legal, tax, governance, and valuation services.  Armed with these capabilities, New State is actively making investments in ESOP companies with the following characteristics:

New State will invest in a variety of ESOP situations, including the following:

What our partners have to say

The Klein Hersh team saw the value

that an ESOP could deliver to our employees and worked with New State to achieve an outstanding result, aligning all our interests.  These are complicated structures which require true expertise and understanding.  Working closely with New State, together we drove the transaction to a successful outcome”

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